NFT - Themed Zones 1-3

District land is a plot of NFT land within the theme zones and is owned by players. The plots have a pre-determined layout and have five variations of size. The plots are empty upon purchase, and can be built on.
A snapshot of 0.585 @ 1800UTC on 2nd June 2022 was used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (₳).

NFT Land - Themed Zones 1 - 3

Max Supply
Mint Date
Small Plot
₳174 ($102)
3rd June 2022​
Medium Plot
₳359 ($210)
4th June 2022​
Large Plot
₳530 ($310)
5th June 2022​
Epic Plot
₳1,111 ($650)
6th June 2022​
Copias Plot
₳1,709 ($1,000)
7th June 2022
Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace​​

Secondary Market

The Policy ID for all rarities of the Themed Zones 1 - 3 is: ​07b39a8ead0ef1e3054e816a3b6910060beaf2210fded63fb90ce137
NOTE: The Art Style of some of the buildings within the Land Plots is defined by the rarity of the land. For example a Mythic Farmhouse will look different to a Mythic Farmhouse. Some of the differences may be subtle some may be huge.
Ownership of property establishes permanent District Community Membership. If a player chooses, they will be able to rent their property out to other players.
Each land NFT comes with Staking Rewards.

NFT Sale Summary

The NFT Sales were an incredible success with the Cornucopias in-house built NFT technology standing up to the huge demand, here are some of the headlines