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NFT - Themed Zones 1-3

District land is a plot of NFT land within the theme zones and is owned by players. The plots have a pre-determined layout and have five variations of size. The plots are empty upon purchase, and can be built on.
A snapshot of 0.585 @ 1800UTC on 2nd June 2022 was used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (₳).

NFT Land Plot - Themed Zones 1 - 3

The land sale was done over a 5 day period as follows:
Max Supply
Mint Price
Mint Date
Small Plot
10,800 supply
₳174 ($102)
3rd June 2022​
Medium Plot
6,480 supply
₳359 ($210)
4th June 2022​
Large Plot
4,320 supply
₳530 ($310)
5th June 2022​
Epic Plot
2,160 supply
₳1,111 ($650)
6th June 2022​
Copias Plot
240 supply
₳1,709 ($1,000)
7th June 2022
Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace​​

Secondary Market

The Policy ID for all rarities of the Themed Zones 1 - 3 is: ​07b39a8ead0ef1e3054e816a3b6910060beaf2210fded63fb90ce137
NOTE: The Art Style of some of the buildings within the Land Plots is defined by the rarity of the land. For example a Rare Farmhouse will look different to a Mythic Farmhouse. Some of the differences may be subtle some may be huge.
Ownership of property establishes permanent District Community Membership. If a player chooses, they will be able to rent their property out to other players.
Each land NFT comes with Staking Rewards.
Small Plot
16m x 24m
Medium Plot
24m x 36m
Large Plot
32m x 48m
Epic Plot
48m x 72m
Copias Plot
64m x 96m
Delivery Method: via Cornucopias intern

NFT Sale Summary

The NFT Sales were an incredible success with the Cornucopias in-house built NFT technology standing up to the huge demand, here are some of the headlines