Custom Dome Template - Educational Centers

Template for a Player owned Custom Domes that can be customized

Remote educational centers are going to be HUGE in the Cornucopias metaverse and classrooms will no longer have to all look the same. There is almost a limitless amount of possibilities to customize the learning environment and this can be achieved alone or by utilizing the Community Built Asset Marketplace.

Open 24 Hours a day and interactive, your space never sleeps and you can even have separate spaces or private VIP zones.

Real-time or recorded material - the choice is up to you.

Combine your educational center with the Learn-to-Earn and you have a truly unique, disruptive opportunity to create a modern learning experience for all your world-wide students.

We have capacity to allow for many simultaneous players - see Size Your Event to find out more.

There will also be an option for you to sell tickets and/or merchandise for your event and even Rent out your Space.

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