In-game Rewards

Dynamic Rewards Structure

The following types of rewards are planned and will be available when they are launched and ready. Full detail on the following rewards will be provided soon.

$COPI In-game rewards are reserved for:

  • Active themed zone land NFT owners

  • Top performing district members (tenants)

  • Top performing leaderboard entrants

  • Other quests and gameplay activities that earn you Rewards Points (RP)

In game currency, in game items, XP and NFT’s - can be earned by all players.

As described in the Rewarding distribution section, player rewards will be calculated based on their individual contribution over a defined time period out of the total contribution earned by eligible players. Contribution will be defined as the Reward Points (RP) earned by a player during various gameplay activities.

RP can be earned through all facets of the game, including, but not limited to:

  • Land Ownership and Progression

  • Racing Events

  • Quests

  • Exploration

  • Mining

  • Fishing

  • Farming

  • Gathering

  • Crafting

  • Building

  • Combat

RP is not to be confused with XP. RP is earned for predefined skill-based accomplishments in the game and is only tied to calculating your share of the gameplay rewards allocation. XP is however tied to progression within the game that can lead to earning Rewards Points (RP).

Example for day 1:

Estimated Gameplay Rewards Allocation for Season: 1,050,000 $COPI

Avg. Daily Rewards: 11,538 $COPI

Rewards Allocation for Racing: 30%

Rewards Allocated for Racing: 3,462 $COPI

Player A Earned RP Points from Racing on Day 1: 778 RP

Total Players Racing on Day 1: 500

Avg RP Earned by Racers on Day 1: 44 RP

Total Points Earned from all players racing on Day 1: 21,850 RP

Calculated % of Rewards attributed to Racing: 4%

Player A $COPI Rewards on Day 1: 123 $COPI

To align player rewards with strategic objectives and manage potential risks, we've introduced a mechanism that functions as a Key Risk Indicator (KRI). This involves a dynamic daily rewards cap, activated based on daily active users (DAU) metrics. This strategy is designed to preemptively identify and mitigate risks associated with player engagement and the game economy.

Specifically, if the DAU is notably low on any given day, it triggers an adjustment in the rewards distribution to an average basis.

This proactive measure does not necessarily result in reduced rewards for players but ensures that the rewards earned are genuinely reflective of skilled contributions. It aims to discourage passive or automated participation, thereby enhancing the overall game experience by rewarding meaningful and engaged play.

Secondary Rewards


The platform enables participants to mint or discover various NFTs while immersing themselves in the game. Additionally, users can trade or sell these NFTs on the marketplace.


Cornucopias is collaborating with some of the world's top educational institutions to integrate learning into the platform. Users will have the opportunity to engage in learning through various platforms provided by these educational centers and earn rewards by participating in educational mini-games such as reading articles and taking tests. To utilize and share content on the platform, institutions are required to:

  • Pay a fee in $COPI.

  • Stake $COPI for 1 month without the option to unstake them during this period.


Cornucopias will empower users to participate in the platform's distributed node network, allowing them to run nodes of various types. Users can host their own nodes and earn $COPI as rewards. To run a node, players need to purchase a license to operate a public COPI Node and become a node operator. As part of the benefits, they will gain access to exclusive features such as:

  • The node owner Discord group

  • Early testing access on desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

  • Exclusive node owner NFTs, including character game outfits, emotes, and backpacks.

Simplified Formula
Daily Rewards per Node = Daily Allocation from the Reward Pool / Number of Nodes on the Platform

Example for day 1:

Estimated Node Rewards Allocation for Season: 6,500,000 $COPI Number of nodes active: 12,000 (estimated for year 1) Therefore, the assumed daily reward per node is 71,428 / 12,000 = 5.95 $COPI

This reward varies depending on the depletion/replenishment of the reward pool and the fluctuation in the number of nodes running.

Up to 10% of all node fees collected will be earmarked for buyback and LP funds, as elaborated in the Token economy page.

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