NPC - Alfonso "Carl" Rosso

Non Player Character (NPC)

Carl was first seen at the end of a surprise Twitter announcement introducing the second flying vehicle - the GTi Javelin NFT, on March 8th 2022.

The full video was released the following day on 9th March 2022 as we experimented with marketing and surprise NFT launches. This hurried mint just weeks after the launch of the sell out Bubblejett Sprinter NFT would backfire on Cornucopias financially and strategically, however, it led to the giveaway of the GTi Javelin in the following days which astonished the world of cryptocurrency as the total value of the giveaway was worth well over $1m.

Did you know?: The decision to increase the supply of the GTi Javelin and to air drop it FREE to everyone was made 2 hours into the mint when it was clear the mint was not able to be completed. We did not want to disappoint supporters who had already suffered hours of waiting by re-scheduling the mint.

The GTi Javelin video not only introduced Carl to the world of Cornucopias, it showed off more early prototyping racing gameplay and a detailed racing track located on a 9km x 9km custom track housed in a player-owned Custom Dome.

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