COPI Data Node

The Launcher has a number of add-on features that enable it to host a secure, encrypted, decentralized version of the Cornucopias database and also player and game files.

When the COPI Data Node license is activated, a decentralized node is run in the background on the players desktop PC, which maintains the files and database updates - it also maintains connections to other replicated databases and services.

COPI Data Node Rewards

A player needs to purchase an NFT license to host a COPI Data Node and it is their responsibility to ensure the node software stays up-to-date (we will inform you of any updates) and to ensure it stays available for use for a minimum of agreed hours per day and with a minimum performance rating.

In return for hosting, players will be rewarded with $COPI tokens and/or other rewards. Rewards will be based on the up-time and the performance of the node.

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