Custom Dome Template - Project/Company HQ

A player-owned custom dome will have the option to be turned into a Project/Company HQ. Custom domes have the capacity to allow for many simultaneous players, through the use of Size Your Event technology.​

The entire location can be customized by yourself or by utilizing the Community Built Asset Marketplace. This space can be curated to represent your brand or company and create that identifiable space that is instantly recognisable as your own.​

The first Cardano project to announce its HQ on Cornucopias was Crypto Capital Ventures on 15th July 2022.

You can create a unique building and/or objects and product placement/advertising to show off your products and services.​

Add a stage and host keynotes and/or a product gallery. Host VIP invite-only special events and launch your new products. Combine multiple templates to create your perfect Metaverse presence.​

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