Avatar Creator

The interface to create your Avatar

Within Cornucopias players experience the game through a 3D avatar. Using a state-of-the-art avatar creation system, players can use a slider interface to determine their avatar's appearance. This includes body type, skin color, facial features, hair style, hair color and eye color.

You will play with a single avatar that you will be able to update whenever you please.

Cornucopias has two viewpoints; a third-person view, which means the player sees the game world from a camera that's located at a fixed distance behind and slightly above their avatar. In addition, true first person view where the player sees the world directly from their avatars eyes - this provides a unique viewpoint especially when racing in Calido Valley.

Our avatar style has evolved over the years as we build, test, receive feedback, update, the latest version of the avatars was released in the "Facelift" build on 20th April 2024. The avatar art style has moved away from the earlier cartoon low poly look and film to more detailed Nanite based models. We are not looking at pure realism but we are heading in that direction.

The updated avatar system is more than just a look and feel update, it comes with new under the hood mechanics to improve avatar animation and interactions.

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