API- Application Programming Interface

The APIs are built on Microsoft .Net Framework and allow our applications to talk to each other.

The APIs provide a standard way for our developers to communicate with the backend database, to send and receive players information, and to keep track of player scores and district levels, etc.

Some of the important APIs we have written that will be used on the mobile/PC/console/SmartTV game are as follows:

  • Play-to-Earn API (P2E) - rewards that are earned are updated via the P2E API.

  • Build-to-Earn and NFT API (B2E) - as players build their NFTs information is sent back to "HQ" via the NFT API and the B2E API.

  • Player Profile API - information on the current players character will be retrieved and updated via the Player API.

  • Learn-to-Earn API - information that is used while the players are learning within Cornucopias is transferred via the L2E API.

  • Host-to-Earn API (H2E) - rewards that are earned via node hosting are updated via the H2E API.

  • Blockchain API - information on players Blockchain Wallets are transferred via the NFT API and Blockchain API.

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