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COPICafe - Episodes 50 - 59

Episode 59 - Josh and Rob explain how the Racing League will work
Episode 58 - David joins Rob and Josh and takes us through a deep-dive into the current 10 vehicles
Episode 57 - A great Introduction to Vehicle Classes
Episode 56 - Find out how AI has been used in the COPI Wiki
Episode 55 - Quick Dega update with Carlos and a Killer Racing Game Leak!
Episode 54 - interview with Founder Geoff and Project Manager Zach
Episode 53 part 2 - a special Gameplay only video recorded in high detail - remember to change the YouTube Quality settings to 4K
Episode 53 part 1 - interiew with Carlos Rene the CEO and Founder of our Newly Announced Partnership - DEGA
Episode 52 - development updates and gameplay showing the Observation Tower and the introduction of the Royale King NPC
Episode 51 - more updates and even More Gameplay
Episode 50 - the World Premiere of the Calido Valley Raceway with actual multiplayer gameplay