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Gameplay - PC

Cornucopias gameplay amalgamates blockchain features and traditional role-playing game conventions such as exploration, crafting, racing, and social interactions. The game offers a diverse array of activities and users have the freedom to play Cornucopias how they choose.


Cornucopias is suited to adventurers who thrive on exploration, and immersion within the game world. Players can find narratives, quests, new environments, and rewards to discover.


Players who prioritize crafting will play an integral part in the in-game economy. These crafters focus on resource gathering, item creation, and economic aspects within a game. Players will enjoy mastering crafting systems, collecting materials, and creating valuable items. They go on to engage in trade and commerce to maximize their crafting prowess.


Cornucopias offers a wide variety of NFT vehicles that players can purchase. Many of these are designed with high-speed racing in mind. Racers are driven by competition and speed, finding joy in fast-paced gameplay and racing against opponents. These players seek to hone their skills, optimize racing strategies, and secure victories against other players.


All players in Cornucopias will find opportunities to foster friendships, build communities, and participate in cooperative gameplay. Whether this be with fellow race enthusiasts, District community members, or a chance encounter with a kindred wayfarer.
The game world has been designed to be expanded upon as new features and functionality are released. Players can expect to find a world that continuously evolves with exciting new developments in the future.