NFT - File Node Access Key

Community run Cornucopias Critical Infrastructure

The File Nodes were sold over a 6 month period where the price increased from tier to tier as milestone quantities were sold. The use case for COPI File Nodes and the sale details can be found here.

The sale was run on the Cardano and Base Chain simultaneously

Cardano Maximum Supply: 10,000 (not all sold yet)

Base Chain Maximum Supply: 10,000 (not all sold yet)

The sale is currently paused on both chains to allow the first release of the NFTs to be distributed

DescriptionCardanoBase Chain

Sale 1 Ended: 1st July 2024



Not Sold Yet



Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplaceโ€‹โ€‹

Cardano Secondary Market

Cardano Policy ID: c170a93368b53b7a33f56a5dbe02beb0ff292405c5ac3c15ce4aa221

Base Chain Secondary Market

Open Sea

Base Chain Contract ID: 0x6AcD40F2F094E2cfa1a942AE411e9a18e459DA02

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