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You will need a MetaMask wallet to use PancakeSwap
On Friday 10th December 2021 @ 9am EST the Cornucopias $COPI token launched on PancakeSwap.
PancakeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) blockchain app that enables its users to swap crypto tokens. The PancakeSwap platform allows users to trade without requiring them to go through a centralized exchange. The PancakeSwap platform aims to provide an opportunity for users to trade and earn crypto on the BNB chain (formally known as the Binance Smart Chain - BSC) within seconds.
Since PancakeSwap functions on ‌the BNB blockchain, it charges low transaction fees.
Download MetaMask:
Cornucopias BSC Contract: 0xfea292e5ea4510881bdb840e3cec63abd43f936f
Last modified 4mo ago