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NFT - Partner Collaborations

Race in Style with your very own racing suit
Cornucopias is part of a wider blockchain community and we will be collaborating with various projects.
Our first ever NFT Partner collaboration was with the YouTube channel Cheeky Crypto.
A snapshot of ADA (₳) = $0.263 and Cornucopias $COPI = $0.014 @ 1500UTC on 19th December 2022​ was noted - the prices were used in calculating the price of the NFTs in ADA (₳) and $COPI.

Cheeky Racer Suit

Maximum Supply: 5,560
Minted: Tuesday 20th December 2022
Mint Price 1 : 7 ADA (₳) + 1,285 $COPI ($20)
or Mint Price 2: 91 ADA ($24)
Delivery Method: via Cornucopias internally built marketplace​​

Secondary Market

The Policy ID for all rarities of the Bobblehead Series is:

Colors and Rarities (the base of the NFT represents the rarity color)

  • White Base - Common (50% rarity)
  • Green Base - Uncommon (25% rarity)
  • Blue Base - Rare (15% rarity)
  • Purple Base - Legendary (7.5% rarity)
  • Gold Base - Mythic (2.5% rarity)


The Racing Suit will have the following utility within Cornucopias
  • It is an item of clothing that can be worn by your character in-game whilst racing.
  • Access to Cheeky Crypto discord and partner is given along with discount off Cheeky Crypto merchandise for the NFT holders.
  • There will be exclusive races for Cheeky Racing Suit NFT holders.
  • May offer better racing performance due to streamlined racing suit (yet to be decided).
  • As an NFT, it will form part of your Cornucopias NFT collection.
  • You own the NFT asset and will be able to sell or trade it.

Cheeky Racer Range

White Base - Common - only 2,780 in existence
Green Base - UnCommon - only 1,390 in existence
Blue Base - Rare - only 834 in existence
Purple Base - Legendary - only 417 in existence
Gold Base - Mythic - only 139 in existence

NFT Sale Summary

The Cheeky Race suit was the first Cornucopias NFT Mint that was not a sell out. After a few hours the sale was stopped. Market conditions were really tough (a.k.a. deep in the bear market) with most NFT sales down 80%-90% over the past few months.
The remaining supply were not minted (effectively burned) leaving a final total of 5,560 NFTs for the collection. This makes the entire collection even rarer than planned!