Unity Mobile Game - Gameplay

The story so far ...

You join the game as the train has been stopped in its tracks by outlaws that have created a train track blockage.
You and the Old Guard leap to the rescue and mount the roof of the train and fend off wave after wave of bandits that are attacking the train.
The longer you hold off the bandits, the more members of the Old Guard will arrive. Eventually, highly skilled sharp shooters will be at your disposal.
As your defense levels up, your artillery and weapons become more and more powerful.
Freak storms and other natural disasters occasionally come to your rescue - sometimes it feels as if you have the power to summon them yourself.
The game concludes with the bandits seizing control of the train and all hope is lost, or with you managing to hold them off long enough for some or all of the COPI Corn to be rescued.
If you succeed you are rewarded with a badge of honor and depending on your performance this could be one, two or three stars.
The quicker the corn can be evacuated, the better. At the start of the game you will choose a random rescue vehicle. This will be a Bubblejett Sprinter or a GTi Javelin.
NOTE: In this mini-game, you have access to ALL the Bubblejett Sprinters and GTi Javelin types to select a random rescue vehicle from.
If you hold any of the flying vehicles as NFTs, you may be awarded a vehicle bonus on completion of the level.
Depending on the vehicle chosen (the quicker being the rarer), the more COPI Corn will be rescued per game.
The railroads are constantly under attack and there are plenty of trains to defend, and some are more difficult than others. The harder the trains are to defend, the more rewards you will receive.
The best defenders in the west are highly sought after, and there are larger rewards waiting for those that become famous at the end of each month.

COPI Leaks

Early artwork for the mobile game - this will not be used in the final release.
This image below shows how you get to choose a random rescue vehicle. There are 5 rarities of Bubblejetts and 5 rarities of GTi Javelins to choose from.
Players will click on one of the cards to reveal a random vehicle they will get to use in the chosen level to act as their rescue vehicle.