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Home Bubble

The Home Bubble
All players will have a Home Bubble; a hub unique to each individual where in-game items and NFTs can be stored. All players are granted a free bubble which includes a plot of land with two trees and a hammock. Players can invite friends to socialize and play mini-games. One of the aims of the game is to expand and personalize this space into a dream metaverse home.
The home bubble will be playable when the first version of the game is released.
The Home Bubble includes a section of water around the land. This will be an interactable space to engage in activities and store NFTs.
Players can purchase new bubbles as NFTs which increase the size of the space and provide alternative aesthetic features.

Home Bubble Travel

To visit friends or to go to other areas of the metaverse, players need transportation to traverse the sky.
This can be achieved by using an NFT Flying Vehicle or Public Transport.

Friends and Socializing

Players will have the option to invite their friends to their home bubble to hang-out and socialize. They will be invited by a prompt on the Friends List.

Dev Shorts

A very early preview of the bubble back in November 2021 showed in an AMA
Another proof of concept video was shown in the same AMA, foreshadowing what custom home bubbles could look like.
VERY EARLY UE4 Home Bubble Concept Video from November 2021