Home Bubble - Features

Cornucopias create specific home bubble NFTs to populate the players personal space.
Unique pets, plants and fish can be purchased as NFTs.


Pets are exciting animals that roam and play within the home bubble. Examples of these animals include cats and dogs which can be fed and nurtured - they may evolve over time.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are decorative features which populate the outdoors of the home bubble. Over time some of these plants will develop and evolve into entire gardens to bring the home bubble alive.


The water beneath the island will be a living space which can be populated with fish. Daily nurturing will also be essential to the growth of this 'aquarium'.


Like in the real world, the Cornucopias trees are a beautiful site to see. Your home bubble comes with 2 trees and a hammock. Some trees are decorative and some have additional benefits such as the Veritree NFT.