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NPC - Chad Santos

Non Player Character (NPC)
Chad was the third human character built by the Cornucopias team, and was revealed to the world on December 17th 2021 at the very end of the Bubblejett Sprinter NFT premiere video. He appeared for the second time as a supporting role in a teaser video called the "Gameplay Premiere Announcement - Cornucopias Metaverse" video released on January 9th 2022.
Unreal Engine 4 - artwork (2022)

Cornucopias' Metaverse Building System and Gameplay Reveal

On January 15th 2022, the Cornucopias team released one of the most important videos of that time. Chad had a larger part than previous videos, but the main focus of the video was to showcase some of the development that had been going on over the past few months, including:
  • Clouds and the environment outside of the home bubble.
  • The new home bubble house with its new modern design and how it is created by the player.
  • Foreshadowed a future radio station.
The video starts in the clouds, showing that even the clouds are given the full level of detail by the art department.
After the titles, Chad is seen ascending into his Home Bubble house from the elevator. Up to this time the only house shown was a video of Farmer Joe; that house was a lot less detailed than what had been seen
On entering the ground floor we see a radio hinting at future music collaborations that will be partnering with Cornucopias.
Easter Egg: Did you spot the Charles Hoskinson picture next to the small television?
As the video pans out of the modern house and bubble, we see Chad witnessing how the modern house was built by the player. A simple yet detailed menu system is shown as actual prototype gameplay footage is shown speeded up and the house is built from the ground up. Internal furniture is also placed as part of the build.
Early Unreal Engine 4 House Building Prototype (June 2022)
The video then fades to Chad being controlled by a player and entering the newly constructed property. We see glimpses of future features such as:
Chad is not normally controlled by the player, but as the custom character system was not available, we used Chad for the demo video.
  • Livestreaming television set.
  • Wall mounted NFT pictures and posters.
  • Fish aquarium complete with NFT fish.
  • All kinds of furniture NFTs and in-game crafted assets.
The second floor is then shown under construction before Chad enters and sees a future golden status of an Abigail NFT.
We then shift to an early look at the opening menu screen of the Cornucopias game styled beautifully by our visual arts marketing department, who also create a lot of the Cornucopias marketing images and messages.
An extremely early character builder system is then shown - this was only completed hours before this section of the video was created and the team were not happy with it entirely but we had a deadline to meet that we had announced, so it had to be shown as-is. The system evolved rapidly over the next few weeks.
The video and music then come to their climax as we return to Chads house and see him descend into his garage and take off in his early player flown Bubblejett Sprinter. Note: Chad is flying the OG version of the Bubblejett Sprinter.
Internally, we felt this video was rushed as we struggled with growing pains and the pace of developing the game, building marketing materials, and producing top notch promotional videos.
We learned a lot internally and things became more structured as we finally took on our 20th member of the team in early February who took charge of overall project management.

Dev Shorts

Chad appears unexpectedly at the end of the video
Teaser Video
Full Video - Worldwide Premier

COPI Leaks

Concept ideas and early art work for Chad

Chad chilling in his Bubblejett OG Sprinter
Furniture without materials applied