March 2022

Cornucopias Program Level Update


The Cornucopias Program is on track and progressing well. The mobile game development is operating in a fully agile environment and they have completed their third two week sprint. The mobile team conducts all Agile ceremonies including planning sessions, daily stand-ups and retrospectives.

  • In March the mobile development team made a demo of the upcoming P2E game for CEO Rob Greig to take to the London Valentines Crypto Networking Soiree.

  • The first NFT sale was undertaken and sold out within 2 hours. The BubbleJet Sprinter sale was an overwhelming success, which provided the team at Cornucopias with a vast amount of information and details about the sale process. Within hours plenty of happy investors had placed their NFT's for sale on secondary markets, like Jpeg Store, and the next sale is in the planning stage.

  • The second NFT, the GTi Javelin, was minted, and 12,400 were given away to the Cornucopias community for free - a gift of over $1m to the community.


Team expansion is controlled and on track. More recruitment is planned for mobile and pc developers, marketing and story writing.

3x new employees joined the Cornucopias internal team in March 2022:

  • 1x Project / Program Manager

  • 1x 3D Artist

  • 1x Mobile Developer


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 22

Total working on Conruncopias: 35+

  • First Edition Bubblejett Sprinter - 12k NFTs SOLD OUT in 3 1/2 hours.

  • Opened a 2nd Token Farm on Binance Smart Chain.

  • Multiple high profile partnerships meetings attended, some early days talks and some ready to announce soon.


  • COPICafe episodes 1 and 2 started with co-founders Rob and Josh presenting a weekly update.

  • Updated 2x new articles for COPIWatch.

  • Multiple Tweets written, scheduled and posted.

  • Cornucopias Gameplay COPIWiki almost complete, proof reading and images being produced for launch in a few weeks.


  • Lots of assets for the MVP version of the PC Game were completed.

  • Artwork for upcoming Javelin NFT racing video underway.

  • 2D artwork for mobile game in progress.


  • Sprints completed: 15, 16.

  • MVP Island created and functionality underway.

  • Questing development has begun.


  • Sprints completed: 3, 4.

  • Game type, narrative overall definition and style approved.

  • New Characters under approval.

  • Ability to use your NFT vehicles in the game. Bubblejett or Javelin.

  • Prototype built and released on Android internally with 100 levels and 1st play through complete.

  • Game levels to be analyzed and balanced.

  • Final number of levels not signed off yet.

  • Mobile Game story in planning.

  • Initial Artwork built - this needs more resources over next month to create more characters instead of sharing just 1 for the MVP.


Attended CityAM Blockchain Event in London and met some high profile Cardano projects. It was a great networking event and we hope to have some future follow-up meetings with some of the projects.

Josh and Rob took part in a YouTube live stream with the Financial Fox

Josh and Rob had a YouTube interview with the Meta Money team - that was aired March 5th 2022

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