May 2022


A really busy month focussing heavily on building assets for the 1st land zone and moving all projects forward. All teams were instructed to prioritize work related to the land sale website, NFTs, videos and documentation.

Lots of activity also poured into completing demos for Consenus 2022 event.

A highlight was the release of the stunning Metaverse Unreal Engine 5 video.

The NFT2Tree Series 1 pre-land mint was a huge success and sold out in just 20 seconds, and the NFT2 Tree Series 2 sold out in 17 seconds !


Focusing on pre and land mint strategy, marketing, NFT website and metadata.

1x new employee joined the Cornucopias internal team in May 2022 and 1x departed.

  • 1x Human Resources


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 24

Total working on Cornucopias: 40+


  • COPICafe episodes 6, 7, 8 & 9 were released including and interview with our Musical Community Discord Moderator OG 7even (episode 7) and an interview with our Project Manager Julian (episode 9).

  • Updated 6 new articles for COPIWatch.

  • Multiple Tweets written, scheduled and posted.

  • Cornucopias Gameplay COPIWiki released - this was a HUGE Milestone achievement (Roadmap).


  • Unreal Engine 5 land sculpting continues for Zone 1.

  • Advanced character modeling continues.

  • Building System Meshes created.

  • Building System Textures.

  • Character outfits were created.

  • Artwork for NFT2Tree created.

  • 2D art created for the mobile game.

  • New NPC/Background characters started for the upcoming Land Video.


  • Sprints completed: 19, 20 and 21.

  • Multi-player prototype started.

  • MVP Island created and functionality continues.

  • Home Island Build system continues.

  • AI Combat development continues.

  • Inventory system/development continues.

  • Questing system/development continues.

  • Custom Dome Template 1 started.


  • Sprints completed: 7, 8 and 9.​

  • New characters are still under approval.

  • New Unity assets implemented​.

  • Interactive visuals for statistics created​.

  • Testing continues on both Apple and Android OS.

  • UI layout continues including new splash-screens and buttons​.

  • Game levels 11-20 now being analyzed and balanced.​

  • Leader board development started.​


  • User Stories created and shared.

  • Development has begun using the prototype as a base.


  • The FIRST of many Unreal Engine 5 videos has been released showing how we are delivering on our ambitious project. The video is made from all in-game assets and characters.

  • The new NFT minting website was tested with the NFT2Tree Series 1 and 2 mints - they were a huge success and the trees sold out in 20 and 17 seconds, respectidly!!

  • We have supported more and more small YouTube channels and shared their content on our Discord - this is great to see.

  • More Discord OG community members looked over the then yet to be released COPIWiki and provided more feedback.

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