Cornucopias Game

Our World Awaits ..
Cornucopias is a metaverse; an immense, infinite space in which the player can traverse an ever-expanding virtual network. Cornucopias will be available on 2D, 3D, VR, AR, Mobile, Desktop, Home Consoles, Smart TVs, and other devices.
Cornucopias hosts a true metaverse experience through a decentralized Play-and-Earn (P+E) system. Each individual player contributes to the Cornucopias’ metaverse, and is integral to the construction of the entire in-game eco-system, economy and community.
Players begin the adventure on a Home Bubble; a hub unique to each individual, where property and NFTs can be stored. Themed Zones and City Districts can then be explored. Here, crypto-powered mini-games can be accessed, skills developed and challenges completed to successfully acquire Play-and-Earn rewards.
The Cornucopias metaverse has been designed to expand forever as new features and functionality are released. Player-owned assets are available in the form of NFTs that will help enhance the in-game experience.
The economy is built on the blockchain where players can earn $COPI tokens through various types of in-game engagements.
Enjoy this article written by Co-Founder and CEO Rob Greig published on LinkedIn about the metaverse:
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