Calido Valley

The Racing League will be based in a Mega Dome located on the "Outer Rim" of Cornucopias.
There will be 5x Racing Tracks to race upon with 3 to race on when public testing starts.
Calido Valley is 9km x 9km and is home to 5 racing tracks and a large resort which you can run around in when you first enter the Mega Dome. Gameplay of the resort was first seen in Episode 50 of COPICafe and has been seen in many other episodes since.

COPI Leaks

Entrance to Calido Valley Resort

Dev Shorts

An Unreal Engine 4 version of the Calido Valley Raceway was shown at cNFTCon 2022 where many people had a chance to race around the largest track. This has now been upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.
Early Track Prototype for Calido Valley