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Calido Valley Resort

The Calido Valley Resort can be found in the Calido Valley Mega Dome on the "Outer Rim" of Cornucopias.
This is the area in front of the racing tracks where players can meet, go shopping, have a look around the various attractions and when ready enter the Calido Valley Raceway and race around the tracks in the invigorating and fast paced Cornucopias Racing League.
Shown in June 2023 - a Glipse of Solace is a location within the Calido Valley Resort

COPI Leaks

Welcome to Calido Valley - the entrance to the Racing Resort Mega Dome
Calido Valley Resort Map - there are many to be found
The winding escalators of Calido Valley Resort
Keeping the peace in Calido Valley - stun guns, laser guns, tractor beams - these droids mean business
Being on the Outer Rim of Cornucopias, Calido Valley requires their own Security
One of the Private Landing Bays on the Top of Calido Valley Resort
Some of the spectacular buildings within the Calido Valley Resort
Bubblejett have a huge presence in Calido Valley as founders of the Cornucopias Racing League
Inside the Bubblejett Showroom in Calido Valley
Jump on one of the many Sky Cars to get around Calido Valley Resort Quicker - some places are only accessible by Sky Car