April 2022

Cornucopias Program Level Update


The Cornucopias Program is on track and progressing well. The mobile game development team is operating in a fully agile environment and they have completed their fourth two-week sprint. The mobile team conducts all agile ceremonies including planning sessions, daily stand-ups and retrospectives.

  • In early April, the OG Sprinter NFT Mint went ahead and was an overwhelming success. The Cornucopias OG crew are very busy sharing and some are even selling on the second hand market for thousands of ADA!

  • A Cornucopias Wiki has been developed that is a full guide to what we intend to build. This is a work in progress and will continue to change as the development process iterates. It will be published very soon and this is the next key milestone. The only task remaining is adding images to the version to be published.

  • The next NFT sale is a land NFT sale as per our #roadmap and itโ€™s sometime this quarter but no confirmed date yet, but it will be announced well in advance.


Team expansion is controlled and on track. More recruitment is planned for mobile and pc developers, marketing and story writing.

2x new employees joined the Cornucopias internal team in April 2022:

  • 1x PC Multiplayer Developer

  • 1x Copywriter


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 24

Total working on Conruncopias: 40+

  • Multiple high profile partnerships meetings attended, some early days talks and some ready to announce soon.

On 24th April 2022 farming went live on Minswapโ€‹


  • COPICafe episodes 3, 4 & 5 were released including the first interview with our Product Owner Jake (episode 3).

  • Updated 4x new articles for COPIWatch.

  • Multiple tweets written, scheduled and posted.

  • Cornucopias Gameplay COPIWiki almost complete, proof reading and images being produced for launch in a few weeks.


  • Lots of assets for the MVP version of the PC game were completed.

  • 2D artwork for mobile game in progress with multiple teams working on character design and sprite sheets.

  • Lots of work on the land sale completed.


  • Sprints completed: 17, 18.

  • A whole team has been dedicated to the transition to Unreal Engine 5. This includes the new revamped UI, in-editor animation & modeling, enhanced path tracing, and much more.

  • MVP Island created and functionality underway.

  • Home Island Build system continues.

  • Ai Combat is in development; Mele and Ranged.

  • Inventory system/development continues.

  • Questing system/development has begun.


  • Sprints completed: 5, 6.

  • Progress appears to be going faster at first than anticipated.

  • Game type, narrative overall definition and style approved.

  • New Characters are still under approval.

  • Apple Mobile - Testing has begun, so we are now testing the mobile game on both Apple and Android OS.

  • Game levels to be analyzed and balanced.

  • Game UI workshop completed.

  • Game attempt tracker complete (user has 3 tries to get 3 stars).

  • Daily Reset of levels and points based on internet time.

  • Issues resolved around iOS scaling.

  • Bonus points added for completing time trial and vehicle challenges.


  • There have been multiple online discussions about Cornucopias in the Cardano community on YouTube.

  • A number of Discord OG community members have been looking over the yet to be released COPIWiki and have provided some great feedback.

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