June 2022


3 of the 4 co-founders and 4 other team members represented Cornucopias at the Consensus 2022 Festival in Austin, Texas, with multiple demos. Watch our social media channels for more updates!​

The highlight was the successful land sale.

Started work on the Desktop Launcher built-in Web3 Cardano Wallet.

7 team members attended the Consensus 2022 event.

11 team members attended a 3-day Team Workshop in Manchester, UK​.

Completed 5 days of Themed Zone Land Sales. Each day was split into 4 tiers with allocations as follows:

  • Tier 1 - Members of the Cornucopias Discord with the OG Role.

  • Tier 2 - Members of the Cornucopias Discord with the NFT Holder Role​.

  • Tier 3 - Members of the Cornucopias Discord that joined over 30 days prior to the sale.

  • Tier 4- Any Members of the Cornucopias Discord.

Daily NFT sales are limited to 1 NFT per member per day.

Most of the sales were concluded in less than 20 seconds, which was incredible.

The fastest sale was the COPIAS Land plot Tier 3, which sold out in 4.856 seconds!


The Consenus 2022 event was a great networking event where we spoke with lots of builders, influencers and Cardano/Cornucopias community. Lots of follow-up meetings were arranged.

Charles Hoskinson CEO of IOHK, mentioned us on a number of his public appearances, which really helps to spread awareness for Cornucopias.

1x Employee departed


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 23

Total working on Cornucopias: 40+


  • COPICafe episode 10, 11 and 12 were released.

  • Updated 4 new articles for COPIWatch.

  • Multiple Tweets written, scheduled and posted.


  • Unreal Engine 5 land sculpting continues for Zone 1.

  • Advanced character modeling continues.

  • Building System Meshes created.

  • Building System Textures.

  • Character outfits were created.

  • Artwork for Theme Zone Land Sales created.

  • More 2D art created for the mobile game.

  • NPC/Background characters completed for the UE5 Land Video.


  • Sprints completed: 22 and 23.

  • Multi-player prototype continues.

  • MVP Island functionality continues.

  • Home Island Build system continues.

  • AI Combat development continues.

  • Inventory system/development continues.

  • Questing system/development continues.

  • Custom Dome Template 1 continues.


  • Sprints completed: 10 & 11​.

  • New characters were integrated.

  • New Unity assets implemented​.

  • Interactive visuals for statistics created​.

  • Testing continues on both Apple and Android OS.

  • UI layout continues including new splash-screens and buttons​.

  • Game levels 21-50 are now being analyzed and balanced.​

  • Leader board development continues.​


  • Development continues.


  • Twitter Followers: 40.5k​

  • Discord Members: 38k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 9.14k

  • Telegram Members: 5.4k​

  • Instagram: 2.5k


  • We have supported more and more small YouTube channels and shared their content on our Discord - this continues to grow our community support.

  • We launched the online shop for our Merchandise - https://shop.cornucopias.io/

  • 100s of inactive OG members had the OG Role removed from them within Discord. The members downgraded, had not interacted with a single message ever, nor had they bought any NFTs or visited the Discord channel in the last 90 days. The OG role is hard to acquire and should also have reasonable requirements to keep as it does come with some amazing perks.

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