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Consensus 2022

In June 2022 we took 7 members of Cornucopias to the annual Consenus event in Austin Texas.
Some of the highlights are as follows:
  • Charles Hoskinson CEO of IOHK mentioned Cornucopias by name in his Cardano keynote on the pre-Consensus Cardano special evening (the night before Consenus)
  • Charles Hoskinson mentioned Cornucopias by name in a Yahoo Finance interview
  • Josh and Rob did a 30 minute Cornucopias presentation where they:
    • Talked through a video showing off the UE5 graphics for the upcoming game
    • Presented the Desktop Launcher and showed/hinted at future functionality
    • ​Rob Greig played through a demo of the Home Bubble Building System
    • ​Josh Jones and Josh Miller of IOHK, played an early eSports demo of a GTi Javelin racing game
    • Spoke about planting real trees with Veritree​
  • Met a lot of Cardano Influencers including BigPey, Kaizen Crypto
  • Spoke to a lot of Cornucopias Supporters and NFT holders
  • Held a mini Javelin racing competition which was won by Damon of Charli3 with a time of 1:46s and was also entered by the President of IOHK - Tamara Haasen​
  • Handed out exclusive Cornucopias T-Shirts
  • Attended a number of Cardano and Community evening events
  • Hosted a number of private business networking lunches
  • Spoke to a number of Cardano Projects with a view to working on future collaborations/partnerships with a number of them
  • Spoke to the Cardano Foundation with a view to future collaborations/initiatives
  • Spoke to the Project Catalyst team with a view to working on Cornucopias community projects in the future (not about raising funds via Catalyst)
Rob and Josh presenting the Dekstop Launcher at the Cardano Booth to a packed crowd
Joshua Miller of IOHK playing the Javelin Demo​
CEO of Cardano mentioning Cornucopias by name on a TV interview
Pre-Consensus Cardano Meet-up where Charles Hoskinson spoke for about Cornucopias as part of the key note speach