Manchester Workshops 2022

In June 2022, 11 members of Cornucopias (including all 4 founders) attended a 3-day team workshop event in Manchester, UK.
The event was so successful future meet-ups with other team members will now be planned. It was great to interact face-to-face and have team members talk to colleagues on a 1-to-1 level in a less formal environment.
Some of the highlights are as follows:
  • A large house in Manchester was rented for the team to run the workshops, interact and sleep.
  • 8x 1 hour workshops were run by various members of the team over the 3 days.
  • Attendees came from 3 countries and the workshops were extremely productive.
  • The first ever face-to-face COPICafe 13 was filmed in the garden with a live audience!
  • The team ideated on topics such as:
    • Current/Future NFT utility
    • S.W.O.T analysis of the UE5 game
    • Current/Future mobile game ideas
    • Current/Future game functionality
  • A number of evening team bonding events were attended
    • at the Trafford Center in Manchester - following an Italian meal, the team played a game of 10-pin-bowling and enjoyed a few drinks and playing in the Arcade.
    • after an Indian curry in the famous Manchester "Curry Mile" the team had a lot of fun singing in the K2 karaoke bar.
  • A 5-man team attended a local meeting with a prestigious, World Famous, Mancheter Organization - watch this space for a potential huge long term, exciting partnership.