Cardano Summit 2022

Lausanne - Switzerland - Saturday November 19th to 21st

Each year the Cardano Foundation holds a community event to show off the blockchain and show what they have achieved to-date and leak new features. It was a 3 day event in Lausanne, Switzerland. There was also a secret virtual garden remote attendees could visit to search and collect coins - when all coins were collected a commemorative Cardano Summit NFT was sent to their Cardano Wallet.

For the first time, they allowed Cardano Projects to also have a place on stage where there was a crowd of 3000 people. The event was also held and presented live at 50+ community-led events worldwide. Rob and Josh created a special video exclusively for the Cardano Event in Brazil.

There were 16 categories that were put to the community to vote - the winning project was invited to speak in Switzerland on the main stage. After a public event, where the vote was signed with a Cardano Wallet, Cornucopias won both the categories, we were nominated for - the Metaverse and Gaming categories.

We were also asked to be part of a panel to talk on the subject "Ready Every Player".

Josh and Rob could not attend the event in person so we created 2 videos to show for the speaker sections - Cornucopias Game Reel November 2022 and a thankyou video entitled Cornucopias Cardano Summit 2022 - Why Cardano?.

Josh and Rob joined the panel remotely via Zoom - you can watch the panel interview here.

It was a great success for Cornucopias and Cardano and we are very much looking forward to next years event where hopefully we can attend in person (although secretly we were told our videos had more of an impact at the summit than some of the talks on stage because they were extremely professional and visual experiences).

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