October 2022


Delivery, public meet-ups, networking, Las Vegas​ + Denver public conference - cNFTcon & Web3Expo and RareBloom

October was an incredible month for Cornucopias, with 11 of the team attending the first ever live annual cNFTcon event in Las Vegas and the 4x founders attending the Web3Expo (Las Vegas) and RareBloom event in Denver, Colorado.

Showing off 2x playable, multi-player demos in Las Vegas was a "coming-of-age" for Cornucopias during the 12 days in America with the highlight being the CEO of IOG Charles Hoskinson playing the racing game demo which is foreshadowing the launch of the First eSports platform on Cardano coming in early 2023.

See October roadmap for more information on what we've been up to.

At the start of October we achieved the 58m ₳ staked milestone in the COPI StakePool from over 4600 delegates.

The COPI Stakepool produced over 200 blocks in October !


Finally on 31st October 2022 the Binance to Cardano / Cardano to Binance bridge developed by ChainPort and Cornucopias went live, allowing the $COPI token (and any other Cardano Native token) to be sent back and too from the Layer 1 Blockchains where the $COPI Token can be found - Cardano & Binance.


We continue to look at growing the team and building the UE5 Metaverse Game.

Rob announced we are creating a new UE5 Mobile game on a YouTube interview with dApp Central.

0x new employees joined the Cornucopias internal team in October 2022.


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 27

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • COPICafe Episodes 26, 27, 28 and 29 were released including 3x Special Edition episodes one recorded at cNFTCon (ep. 26), the RareBloom edition (ep. 27), and the Halloween Episode (ep. 29) where Rob, Josh and special guest David all dressed up.

  • With all the live activity in America lots of marketing content was produced, making it our most active month to date.


  • Unreal Engine 5 land sculpting continues for Zone 1 & 2.

  • The improved UE5 Racing game that was ported over from UE4 was played by many people at cNFTcon.

All the in-game assets of Cornucopias are built internally by our talented team. We DO NOT use any off the shelf/marketplace assets in our UE5 Metaverse or Mobile Game.


  • Sprints completed: 30 & 31.

  • High level planning and estimates continues.

  • MVP Island functionality continues.

  • New main menus under construction.

  • Questing system/development continues.

  • A lot of activity is being done on the farming element of the game with planning of mini games, land plot layouts, buildings, land utility, crop definitions and supply chains.


Public feedback from the Unity 2D mobile game was reviewed and the conclusion was a new UE5 higher graphical 3D version will be created using Unreal Engine 5.

Many lessons were learned and lots of internal processes were built during the creation of the Unity 2D mobile game.


  • Development continues.

  • API work continues.

  • Internal Version released and is being tested.


  • Twitter Followers: 42.2k​

  • Discord Members: 38.7k​ (300+ users pruned)

  • YouTube Subscribers: 9.68k

  • Telegram Members: 4.9k​

  • Instagram: 2.57k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.1k

  • COPI StakePool: 61.83m ₳ staked from 4850 Delegates, 572 Blocks produced


The events at cNFTcon, Web3Expo and RareBloom were great for not only showing off what Cornucopias is building, but also for making new connections with Cardano Projects and other companies looking to have a presence in the Metaverse. Watch this space for more partnership announcements.

Now that the Vasil hard-fork has occurred on Cardano, the COPI Token bridge being built by ChainPort is ready to be deployed.

The Cardano Native Token Bridge was launched on 31st October 2022 - new Cornucopias-led infrastructure was introduced to the so-called ‌"Ghost Chain" on Halloween!

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