cNFTCon 2022

In October 2022 we took 11x team members and 1x discord moderator from Cornucopias to the annual cNFTCon event in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The event had 140 booths showcasing projects from the Cardano ecosystem and was attended by over 3,500 people over the 2 day weekend event.

Cornucopias had one of the largest 30 feet x 30 feet booths with 5x sofas, 3x Chairs, 6x stools, a backstage separated by a large Cornucopias image divider and 5x plant decorations and 4x tables. There were 3x 55" televisions and 1x large 75" television that were used to show off the 2x playable Cornucopias Metaverse game demos.

Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • A playable demo of the first map of Solace was played by many people over the 2 day event. With a countdown of 10 minutes the players had to run around Solace-1 and to try and find Farmer Joe who was camping somewhere off the main tracks. On day 1 only 2 people found Joe and on Day 2, 9 people found Joe. Each successful player will receive a special backpack NFT in the future.

  • The First ever player of Cornucopias Metaverse was a 9 year old boy called Ryan.

  • The first ever player to find Farmer Joe was Farid the YouTuber from dApp Central who was also the 2nd player ever to play Cornucopias.

A playable demo of the racing game first previewed at Consensus back in June 2022 was also available to play in a 3 person multi-player setup. This new version had been updated significantly from the UE4 version and had the following changes:

  • The game was re-built using Unreal Engine 5.

  • All the graphics and assets were upgraded to produce a much better looking game.

  • Multi-player was added to allow the game to be played via a local network.

  • An API was built in to each game to automatically update a temporary website showing a leaderboard of every players times.

  • The GTi Javelin and the Bubblejett Sprinters were allowed to race against each other in this demo and therefore the statistics of each were "nerfed" to make the vehicles competitive with each other.

  • There were 25 vehicles to choose from including all rarities of the GTi Javelins, Bubblejett Sprinters and 2 new vehicles built specifically for the event. There are no current plans to sell these vehicles as NFTs.

  • The fastest time was 2m 15:84 seconds recorded by Afooter from MBSociety - well done !!

The idea of the game was for each of the vehicles to race against each other and started on the grid with a synchronized countdown. The winner was the first past the finish line after 2 laps.

Both Solace-1 and the Racing game had received zero testing as we had been working flat out to get the demos built for cNFTcon. We received the final updates on the morning of the first day.

Despite no internal testing (only devs) the demos were very playable and the Cornucopias booth was constantly busy with queues to play the entire weekend. Many players played multi-times and there was lots of happy people.

It was a huge success, and thanks to the team for working really hard for the previous weeks leading up to the event.

Charles Hoskinson the CEO of IOG played the new UE5 version of the racing game in a 3 man race with Rob and Josh. It was an exciting race and was the highlight of the weekend. Tim Harrison, VP Community & Ecosystem of IOG also played the game along with lots of other YouTube influencers and Cardano Community members.

Josh and Rob did a 50 minute Cornucopias interview on stage with JCrypto.

Josh and Rob did a 30 minute Cornucopias fireside chat on the top stage with Damon from Charli3.

Josh and Rob recorded a Special Edition of COPICafe on the side stage sponsored by Cornucopias. This stage was used by many projects to hold presentations and had a Cornucopias imaged backdrop. It was named the "COPICafe Stage".

It was announced by Cornucopias that the racing game will be enhanced and the First Play-and-Earn eSports platform on Cardano will be released early 2023.

There were many exclusive Cornucopias T-Shirts and stickers given out to attendees of cNFTcon.

Rob and Josh visited and spoke to many Cardano Projects and hosted a number of private business networking lunches.

It was an amazing "coming-of-age" event for Cornucopias and a great opportunity to allow our supporters to see the quality of the Metaverse we are creating.

Other Images

The YouTuber BlakeCNFT found Joe

The IOHK team enjoyed racing at the Cornucopias booth

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