August 2023


The Cornucopias team is wrapping up a monumental August, which began with several updates related to the public testing of Calido Resort and ended with a tour de force trip to the Rare Evo conference in Denver. In between those two pushes, we’ve focused on bringing more structure to our internal processes and support for our individual workflows. Now that we are opening the gates to a publicly playable Cornucopias experience, we’re focused on ensuring that our infrastructure (both human and technical) is prepared to scale in a big way. Highlights include:

  • New rounds of public testing for Calido Resort, with added functionality & upgrades for Calido mini-games

  • The reviews are in: early tester reactions to Calido Valley have been overwhelmingly positive! More info below.

  • Delivered improvements to our game DevOps environment, with additional fleet management & auto-versioning of game builds on the way (a huge quality of life improvement for testers and devs alike)

    • Added a senior DevOps lead to design & implement scalable architecture for our game & web servers

  • Improved website functionality for the Launcher downloads

  • Introduction of Mining - a brand new mini-game for Calido

  • Final preparation for the public release of the Racing League, which we expect to debut at the NFTxLV conference in late September

This work sets us up for a huge month ahead, as we prepare to finally strap in to our Bubblejetts and challenge each other to some serious Calido Raceway competition. Stay tuned, as we’ll have a ton of info dropping in the weeks ahead.


  • August saw the release of COPI BNB Farm 6, which allows participants to deposit COPI tokens into COPI-farming smart contracts, yielding a total of 350,00 COPI as rewards:

See more info on COPI Farming at the address below:

COPI | Farm Info @ TokensFarm

  • Cornucopias had a smash presence at Denver’s Rare Evo event:

This gave us an opportunity to meet up with the greater Web3 community and sit some lucky attendees down for an live preview of Calido gameplay:



0x new employees joined the Cornucopias team in August 2023.


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 32

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​

  • In August we released COPICafe's 62 - 64, covering everything from PC / video card requirements to our recently released Mining Game and our recent trip to Denver attending Rare Evo. Check them out below!


  • Our Art team has been primarily splitting focus between delivering the goods for Mining in advance of Rare Evo and putting the finishing touches on the vehicles and tracks for the Calido Raceway, which we plan to showcase at September’s NFTxLV conference. New images of our Bubblejetts are looking thoroughly raceable:


  • We made a splash (or a swing?) at this year’s Rare Evo with the introduction of Mining for Calido Resort testers:

The Mining mini-game allows players to hunt down valuable minerals and resources that will be used for in-game equipment & powerups. This is our first rollout of what will eventually become Cornucopias’ character leveling, inventory & crafting systems.

  • We’re also rolling out some environmental updates, including “Calido Midnight”, which gives players an entirely different experience of the Calido cityscape after dark:


  • Added a new DevOps lead to the team, whose role will be to improve our existing infrastructure for web delivery, as well as create new auto-versioning updates for our game builds

  • Updated player API to add PC specs to player profile data, allowing our bug triage team to parse error requests by submitter’s video card / CPU specs

  • Improved processing & security measures around wallet integration

  • Updated Desktop Launcher → Game processes, to address unexpected restarts, force quits of the Launcher, etc.


(click the link above to watch)


  • Twitter Followers : 45k

  • Facebook Followers : 1.2k

  • Telegram Members : 4110

  • Reddit Subscribers : 596

  • COPI StakePool: 18.2M staked from 4537 delegates

  • GYS StakePool: 2.07M staked from 89 delegates


  • We’re continuing to expand our game testing roster. Anyone who’s interested in experiencing Cornucopias firsthand should check out our Discord and attendant FAQs to participate.

  • September will see the long-awaited release of the Calido Racing League! Stay tuned for leaks & previews as we head for a full reveal at the NFTxLV conference later this month!

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