December 2023


2023 was a momentous year for us. This month we were deep in the trenches of the 90 day plan we rolled out in October, and we’re on track for some major releases in January and beyond - see Roadmap.

Now we’re looking forward to knocking it out of the park in 2024. The 90 Day Plan mentioned in our last update will expire on 18th January 2024, and the Cornucopias leadership is already laying the foundation for the next quarter. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of the team’s December activity:


  • The $COPI token was listed on beginning on 21st December 2023

  • December saw the launch of our COPI File Node sale, which is just as much a win on the game/tech side as on the business side. The first set of COPI File Nodes allows both Cardano and Ethereum users to host chunks of our game and distribute it to other players when requested by the Launcher. This both decentralizes our game service and allows for COPI File Node owners to participate in the node rewards program. Details and FAQs can be found in the docs below:


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 33

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • In early December, Cornucopias was listed as one of Crypto Hub’s Top 20 Games of 2024 (click for link):

  • Our COPICafe production slowed down in November, but went into overdrive last month with a total of 5 episodes released! Rob and Josh covered everything from last month’s Sunrise Social release, to the Node sale, Rumble Ball and answering questions about our 2024 activity & beyond. Check out all the COPI Cafes in the playlist below:


Our Art team is busy on deliverables for January's release and the first base art pass for Solace. New developments for Solace include wildlife, starting with small animals & fish:


In December we released version 0.2.20 “Calido Pavilion”:

This release includes:

  • Calido Pavilion, which replaces the previous Racing Lounges, includes shopping, incredible views and an improved "Ready Up" process for the Racing Game.

  • Rumble Ball, a new mini game in which players can team up for a Blue vs. Red soccer-style chaos experience.

  • 2024 Valkyrie F9R Vehicle, get a look at this new S-Class monster, cry because you know you can't handle it. Enjoy this and other sightings around the Calido Pavilion such as the ZeroG Hoverboards.

  • Updates to post processing and lighting, making Cornucopias more vibrant and detailed.

  • Updated Sky System for better atmospheric effects.

  • Updated Time of Day System to 8 Hour day cycles. 24 hours in the Cornucopias dimension is 8 hours in our dimension.

  • Various new avatar preset playable characters for a total of 29.

We’re mid-sprint for a number of Game features currently under development. These will be available in our next game release, currently scheduled for the last week of January. In the meantime, we’ve updated our global Dev roadmap for 2024, which you can view below:


Our web team has mostly been focused in two directions: support for the new marketplaces and engineering a custom solution for game DevOps & Infrastructure. This will be a huge undertaking for the team, but should provide for a seamless experience for any number of players within Cornucopias’ multiple zones. This month’s features include:

  • Game build delivery & stability improvements

  • Delivery of Marketplace for COPI Nodes

  • Improved Desktop Launcher stability


This month’s community engagement has centered around the COPI File Node which is our first cross-chain release on a yet to be announce Ethereum Layer 2 chain. Community events were a little slow in December due to the holidays, but we’ll be cranking the activity back up in the new year!


  • Twitter Followers: 49k​

  • Discord Members: 40k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 11.3k

  • Telegram Members: 4.07k​

  • Instagram: 2.50k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.2k

  • COPI StakePool: 16.04m ₳ staked from 4,896 Delegates, 2,850 Blocks produced

  • GYS StakePool: 728k ₳ staked from 87 Delegates, 416 Blocks produced


Our goal in 2024 will be to stick with our current cadence of one game / feature release per month. January’s release will drop at the end of the month with subsequent releases to follow. Stay tuned for info on upcoming features and community events!

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