February 2023

High Level Summary


First Deliverable of 2023 !

On 10th February 2023 we launched our new look website and spoke about it in COPICafe Episode 41. The website is more than a re-skin it has a new backend framework that will enable new functionality to be embedded and added to enhance future services.

Similar to January, February started with another new team member joining us this time we have a very talented animator who has hit the ground running working on in-vehicle animations for the upcoming Racing League.

At the start of February 2023 the COPI StakePool had been reduced again from 45m ₳ staked to 39m ₳ as we hit what maybe be the bottom of the bear market. The number of The number of delegates remains high at nearly 5,000 Cardano addresses.

We are always very grateful to everyone who supports us by delegating to the Cornucopias Cardano StakePool ticker: COPI

Josh and Rob were joined on Episode 42 of COPICafe by Joshua Noriega, the host of the YouTube channel Late Game Crypto who did an amazing review of Cornucopias in one of his recent videos.


1x new employee joined the Cornucopias internal team in February 2023.

  • 1x Game Animator


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 29

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • COPICafe Episodes 40, 41, 42 and 43 were released.


  • The Art department now has a new animator so watch out for new animation leaks

All the in-game assets of Cornucopias are built internally by our talented team. We DO NOT use any off the shelf/marketplace assets in our UE5 Metaverse or Mobile Game.


  • Sprints completed: 38 and 39.

  • Progressive Modeling integration continues for the in-game economy.

  • Land Plot Locating and District Layout continues for Solace.

Public testing is planned for Q2/Q3 2023.


The Racing Game is progressing very well and the Racing Game Design Document was signed off and the MVP agreed.

New Collision Mechanics were rolled out and the game was recorded on a simple test track of 100fps in 4K. This figure was expected and will probably drop a little once the full track is being used and more players are connected. Target is 60fps+ in 4K.

Progressive Reward Modeling is almost complete for the Racing Game.

Planning continues on the Seasonal Racing League and Racing Cup competition.

Big plans to integrate some elements of the Metaverse into the Racing Game were revealed in Episode 43 of COPICafe "Taste of Solace".

A new page was added to the COPIWiki specifically for the Racing Game.

Public testing is planned for Q2 2023.


Work on the new website was completed and the website was launched!

The Learn-and-Earn element of the new website is well under way and an internal demo looked great. We hope to show this next month.

Launch of the Learn-and-Earn website addition is planned for Q2 2023.

LAUNCHER (formally known as Desktop Launcher)

  • Development continues and the final MVP has been agreed.

  • API work continues.

  • Both the Racing Game and Metaverse are dependent on the Launcher.

Public testing is planned for Q2 2023.


  • Twitter Followers: 43.7k​

  • Discord Members: 40k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 10.2k

  • Telegram Members: 4.53k​

  • Instagram: 2.52k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.1k

  • COPI StakePool: 35.35m ₳ staked from 4,760 Delegates, 1,567 Blocks produced

  • GYS StakePool: 2.63m ₳ staked from 88 Delegates, 295 Blocks produced


This is the #YearOfTheCorn and we are proud that our first deliverable of 2023 being the new website - https://cornucopias.io was delivered a few weeks early!

During the middle of February saw the team excited as 4 members joined the very first server build of the latest release of the Racing Game. Hosted in the UK the game had developers joining from England, Ireland, Sweden and Thailand. It was a huge milestone and truly started the beginning of in-house testing.

A test "Fall Guys" community game was played to the delight of the Cornucopias Community.

On 22nd February 2023 a new staking farm was opened on TokensFarm for the BNB version of the $COPI token. A staking option for the Cardano version of the $COPI token is being released very very soon.

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