January 2023

High Level Summary


Planning & Building

January starts off strong with a new team member joining us and the focus shifts to the delivery of many products. We have multiple teams and it's very common for team members to shift from one product to another, for example creating artwork for the Mobile Game shifts to artwork for the Racing Game and vice versa.

We had a Twitter meme Contest early January which really engaged the Community. It was great seeing all the funny "#YearOfTheCorn" memes.

At the start of January 2023 the COPI StakePool had reduced from 64m ₳ staked (all-time-high reached back in November 2022) to 45m ₳. Although the total ADA staked to COPI is now lower, the number of delegates to the COPI StakePool is at an all time high at nearly 5,000 Cardano addresses which means support continues to grow even with a backdrop of lower liquidity - possibly due to bear market conditions.

We are always very grateful to everyone who supports us by delegating to the Cornucopias Cardano StakePool ticker: COPI


1x new employee joined the Cornucopias internal team in January 2023.

  • 1x Agile Project Manager

1x Employee departed


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 28

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • COPICafe Episodes 36, 37, 38 and 39 were released.

  • The #YearOfTheCorn meme contest on Twitter exceeded expectations - lets do it again soon !


  • ​Unreal Engine 5.1 land sculpting for Zone 1 - Solace is now complete.

  • Land Plotting for Solace will begin very soon - we will be mapping out the locations where the five sizes of Player Owned NFTs will be located. The Land Plots will be divided into 4x Districts within each Sector.

  • Zone 2 - Esperanza artwork continues and the rocks, grass and environment artwork looks incredible as usual.

  • Artwork for the Sector Hanger bay is being produced at pace.

  • Artwork for the Mobile Game continues and we will be able to share some of this soon.

All the in-game assets of Cornucopias are built internally by our talented team. We DO NOT use any off the shelf/marketplace assets in our UE5 Metaverse or Mobile Game.


  • Sprints completed: 36 and 37.

  • Progressive Modelling integration continues for the in-game economy.

  • Land Plot Locating and District Layout begins for Solace.

Public testing is planned for Q2/Q3 2023.


UE5 Mobile Planning was completed and a new demo was shown internally. The new Mobile Game Design Document is was signed off and the MVP was agreed.

We made the tough decision to pause the development of the Mobile Game and move the resources to the Racing and Metaverse Game. We will pick up the mobile game development later in the year.


The Racing Game is progressing very well and the Racing Game Design Document was signed off and the MVP agreed.

Progressive Reward Modelling is almost complete for the Racing Game.

Planning has started on a Seasonal Racing League and Racing Cup competition.

3x tracks have now been agreed for the MVP that will be built in a Mega Dome called Calido Valley, set in the Esperanza Themed Zone.

A new FREE vehicle was announced in COPICafe Episode 36 allowing players to race without having to own an NFT.

Public testing is planned for Q2 2023.


Work on the new website continues and will be ready to show soon.

Launch is planned for Q1/Q2 2023.

The Learn-and-Earn website is well under way and an internal demo looked great. We hope to show this next month.

Launch is planned for Q2 2023.

LAUNCHER (formally known as Desktop Launcher)

  • Development continues and a large updated internal demo was shown and is impressive.

  • API work continues.

  • Both the Racing Game and Metaverse are dependent on the Launcher.

Public testing is planned for Q2 2023.


  • Twitter Followers: 43.2k​

  • Discord Members: 40.1k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 10.1k

  • Telegram Members: 4.62k​

  • Instagram: 2.53k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.1k

  • COPI StakePool: 45.08m ₳ staked from 4,984 Delegates, 1,327 Blocks produced

  • GYS StakePool: 3.61m ₳ staked from 89 Delegates, 274 Blocks produced


Matt shared a great Cornucopias project update in the Major Announcements section our Discord. This goes into a lot more detail than this brief summary update so well worth checking out.

As COPI Stakepool gets near to saturation if you are looking for an alternative Stakepool we also recommend the Grow You Stake Stakepool ticker: GYS

With the new Agile Project Manager we are looking to create a more accurate roadmap for 2023. The 2022 roadmap was solid but had a number of ambitious estimations that resulted in a few slippages - although roadmap slippages are very common and often unavoidable we will try to avoid too many this year with better planning now the team has more resources dedicated to planning.

A more detailed development update for January was shared within our Discord in the "major-announcements" channel.

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