June 2023


We’re at the end of a very ambitious Q2 for Cornucopias, with big events and milestones just around the corner in Q3. Highlights include:

  • Smooth implementation of Agile Planning to additional areas of the business - development teams becoming less siloed and more collaborative as we head towards release.

  • New Player Portal website was launched and the Player Roles were introduced - we have had thousands of people registering their profile name already.

  • Game and Launcher API was created and is being tested.

  • Announced a new Layer 2 with DEGA to hold leaderboard and other data from the Cornucopias Racing League.

  • Our team grew by 2 this month, with more to come in Q3/Q4.

  • We integrated AI into the COPIWiki - see Episode 56 of COPICafe for more information.

  • We launched the new YouTube series Cornucopias Universe with Lore Master Jake as the new face - we’ll expand this show over time, so get in on the ground floor!

  • We are planning a free OG NFT mint for Q3 - stay tuned for details.

  • internal testing for the Racing Game and Calido Valley resort and have prepared our QA department for public testing.

  • Our Online Community has grown significantly following this month’s major gameplay leaks. See community info below.

As we close out Q2, we’ll be updating or global roadmap. Stand by for more info from the top!


  • Singularity Net


This month we expanded on the nature of our partnership with Dega during a Discord AMA. Check out more info in this Twitter thread.

1x new employee joined the Cornucopias internal team in June 2023.

  • 1x Junior Finance


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 31

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • Community giveaway for CORN Point holders. Participants entered for a chance to receive a GTI Javelin, which can be used in the upcoming Racing Game:

  • Congratulations to winner @Corny Explorer. Keep an eye out for more upcoming giveaways!

    • We are excited to launch a new NFT collection that utilizes the dynamic features of the CIP68 Datum Metadata Standard! This particular collection features images that were captured by NPC characters throughout the development of Cornucopias. As mentioned this past week in COPICafe, these NFTs will be given away through various gamified methods.

    • COPICafe's 53 (a two-parter!) through 57 released in June, showcasing:

      • Discussion of Cornucopias’ partnership with Dega

      • Early access gameplay leaks

      • Answers to community questions

      • Showcase of the vehicle selection system & performance system specs


  • Gameplay videos released!

  • Calido Valley leaks keep on coming:


  • Finalizing Racing Game Elements

    • Calido Valley Outer

    • Calido Valley Inner

    • Calido Valley Dome environment

    • Surrounding natural areas

    • Race tracks

    • Player Lounge with track & vehicle selection

  • Multiplayer Infrastructure

    • Finalizing EC2 server architecture

    • Implementing Matchmaking process

    • Integrating Player Profile microservices to grant area & vehicle access.

  • Vehicle / Racing Mechanics

    • Vehicle Balancing

    • Collision + damage mechanics

  • In-Game Menus

    • Vehicle & Track Selection


  • Continuation of Player Profile signups. Make sure you're registered via the link below!

  • This month our web team is focused on finalizing the microservices related to gameplay:

    • Player Profile API

    • Wallet API for game location / asset access

    • Communication with Launcher


In July we’ll be reaching out to community members to participate in the testing of our early preview release. These members will be asked to confirm their gaming machine specs and given further instructions on how to enter the first playable areas in Cornucopias!


  • Twitter Followers: 44.6k​

  • Discord Members: 39.9k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 10.6k

  • Telegram Members: 4.25k​

  • Instagram: 2.48k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.1k

  • COPI StakePool: 24.64m ₳ staked from 4,648 Delegates, 2,253 Blocks produced

  • GYS StakePool: 1.97m ₳ staked from 88 Delegates, 346 Blocks produced


We are planning some great game updates and announcements for the upcoming 2x USA events

  • 24-26th August 2023 - Denver, Colorado - RareEvo https://rareevo.io/

  • 29th Sept -1st Oct 2023 - Las Vegas - NFTxLV (formerly known as cnftcon) https://cnftcon.io/

July will be our biggest month yet, with further movement towards the release of the Racing League and entry into Cornucopias’ first playable elements. By the time you read this, we’ll likely have started public testing with a small group of select invitees, with OGs and NFT holders to follow closely behind. We’ll be releasing a testing rollout plan next month, along with plenty of news & leaks along the way, so make sure to keep checking in with us on Discord, Twitter & Telegram for frequent updates!

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