October 2023


October has been a real load-bearing month for the Corn team. After last month’s mad dash to the conferences and delivery of the Racing League and Northpoint Mining, this month we’re focusing on process and scaling. Now that we’ve delivered two mini-games that give users a glimpse inside Cornucopias, all our energy will be focused on delivery of the main game - including land plots for Solace, along with inventory, commerce and character development systems. If that seems like a lot to deliver … it is! But we’re closer than you think. We’re very excited to show you what we’ve been cooking.

In the meantime we’ve been expanding on the public releases, with over 60 graphics cards now supported in our testing groups and an update to Unreal Engine 5.3. Highlights of this month’s work include:

  • Our first release on UE 5.3.1 - Calido Afterburner. The newest update features additional integrations for web3 wallets, new avatars, improved lighting and racing for up to 16 players. If you haven’t made it into a testing group yet, be sure to sign up and check it out.

  • Continued scaling for Calido testing groups, opening testing up to 60+ video card & hardware profiles.

  • Further improvements to our DevOps / game server systems in Europe & USA with more territories on the way. DevOps team continuing to prep our upcoming automated build release architecture.

  • Turning Art & Dev teams full attention to Solace land plots & main game functionality.

  • Improved avatar skins & movement. Prepping for release of avatar emote system.

  • Improved Nanite performance

  • Completed additional detail passes on Racing Maps.

  • Released new Launcher version, with improved API game & player profile connectivity.

We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next in the Cornucopias Universe, and we’ll be dripping out exclusive new content over the coming weeks to give some hints & previews. Stay tuned!


  • With wider and wider public releases on the horizon, it’s time for us to start kicking a proper marketing campaign into gear. We’re in the beginning stages of planning out our marketing strategy for the next 6 months, which is currently in the experimental phase on the business side. It’s all very hush hush for now - just don’t be surprised if the quality and quantity of our content starts ramping up in the coming weeks.

  • As we roll out each new build for public testing, we're unlocking exciting opportunities to concentrate on key facets of our business – namely, the game economy and gameplay analytics. Both areas are integral to Cornucopias' successful development, steering us towards creating a more captivating and dynamic gaming experience.

  • This month we introduced the Copi Vault, provided by VyFi and compatible with most Cardano wallets. Check it out below!


0x new employees joined the Cornucopias team in October 2023.


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 33

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • The racing release has increased community interactions by a large factor - nice to see those metrics on the upswing in the wake of public testing releases.

  • We updated our rules and guidelines to improve understanding about unacceptable behavior and actions that will be taken should the guidelines be disregarded. Check our official Discord for more details.

  • In October we released COPICafe Episodes 68 & 69, which can be viewed here:

In our most recent additions, you’ll find Marketing updates, info on our Unreal Engine update, NFTxLV coverage, Racing League footage and more!


  • While our Art team is primarily focused on Solace, we’re still spending some energy building out the Calido Resort. This month saw our team making additional detail passes at the Raceway and new avatars as we expand our testing suite for the Cornucopias Racing League:

We cannot wait to show you the stuff we’re already seeing internally right now as we approach the final build of Solace-1 and our land plot mechanics… but we’ll have to save that for a future update. Soon!


  • As with Art, our Game Developers have been mostly focused on Solace-2 in October. However we still put a lot of effort into the "Calido Afterburner" update, some of which can be viewed in our October Dev Update video. Click below to watch:


Our work on the Web side of things has been focused on scaling and preparing for the next phases of public release. That means we can’t talk about everything our Web team has been working on - just know that we’re working on several features that will affect your in-game Cornucopias experience.

Highlights for what we *can* talk about include:

  • Improved accessibility features for Calido Valley testing groups

  • Continued work on DevOps / build delivery features

  • Improvements / updates to the Launcher

  • Improved admin functionality for backend testing support


Our Community team is still wiping the sweat off their brows from last month’s conference appearances, but are already back laying the groundwork for our next series of releases. Highlights include:


  • Twitter Followers: 46k​

  • Discord Members: 39k​

  • YouTube Subscribers: 10.9k

  • Telegram Members: 3.98k​

  • Instagram: 2.49k

  • Facebook Followers: 1.1k

  • COPI StakePool: 16.81m ₳ staked from 4,537 Delegates, 2,702 Blocks produced

  • GYS StakePool: 1.63m ₳ staked from 89 Delegates, 394 Blocks produced


  • We’ll start where we began - which is that we’re SO excited to show you all what comes next for Cornucopias. We’re extremely proud of what our team delivered for last month’s conferences, but they’re only shadows of what comes next. Stay tuned for some truly huge announcements in the coming weeks. Until then - stay gold, Corns.

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