January 2024


In January our team was focused on completing our 90 Day Plan from Q4 of last year, as well as setting our 2024 business / development goals and another specific roadmap for the next 90 days. This year will see the release of several huge gameplay elements, which will comprise the core game loops of Cornucopias as originally envisioned.

In the next 12 months we’ll be building out systems surrounding XP & player progression, avatar creation & customization, player inventory / interaction, crafting, gathering and world travel. Once complete, these systems will form the basis of the core game loop. To that end, over the next 90 days we’ll be working to release:

  • Expanded Game Lore

  • Character Creator

  • Character Inventory

  • Art Passes for the completion of Solace

  • Mining

  • Vehicle Traveling

Our goal will be to implement the systems needed for a Land Grab in Solace, which we’re looking to execute in the first half of the year. More on that soon! For now here’s an overview of our activity in January:


  • Our business team has been focused on prepping for the Ethereum sale this month, with a current eta of early February. Be on the lookout for upcoming announcements on the specifics of this sale!

  • This month we ran a survey regarding Nodes / VPS. If you haven’t seen it on Discord and plan on participating, we’d love to get your feedback via the link below:


Total Internal Employees/Contractors: 33

Total working on Cornucopias: 50+​


  • As of January, COPICafe is now on all major podcast platforms, including iHeart, Apple, Spotify & Google:

  • In January we released COPICafe episodes 75 through 78, covering everything from the latest game version release, Node sales, Cornucopias music composition


This month our Art team has been hard at work on the assets needed for delivery of the next build, scheduled for early Feb, but our primary focus has been the sector passes for Solace (as it will be for the next few months).

As a part of the Art Team’s current sector work, David previewed a Land Plot Scanner Device on COPI Cafe #78:

This will allow players to see info on Solace Land Plots, once they’re open to the public - which will be soon! Stand by for additional dev & timeline updates.


In January, our development team worked hand in hand with the Art team - again primarily focused on Sectors for Solace’s upcoming release. Our deliverables this month included:

  • Updates to the Interaction System

  • Creation of Public Transport system, including:

  • Functional public transport vehicles

  • Public transport circuit

  • Updates to the Inventory system, including:

  • User Interface / UI Programming

  • Cloud Gate Mesh & Effects

  • Replication / Spawning Issues

  • Backend / DevOps improvements


This month our Web team has been focused on delivering the final elements of our previous 90 Day Plan and gearing up for the next iteration. Highlights include:

  • Working with Game Devs to tie game area access to player profiles

  • Front & backend updates to our Marketplaces

  • Updates & new version release for the Desktop Launcher

  • Addressing player wallet integration issues

  • Creating a custom DevOps solution for game servers, including:

    • AWS Fargate server infrastructure

    • Custom API for managing game servers


January saw an influx of coverage from the influencer community! Shoutouts included:

  • This excellent intro / Node sale overview by RahMega (click image for link):

  • Cornucopias was featured in a “10 Best Crypto Coins Right Now” review by Wabo Crypto:

  • Dapp Central released another in his excellent series of Cornucopias videos, this one covering Game Nodes, Multichain support & game development with Rob and Josh. See below:

It’s great to see this positive coverage - big props to our Marketing & community outreach teams for keeping up comms with the Web3 content creator community!


We’ll be releasing the next Game Update in early February, as well as kicking off our next internal 90 Day Plan. As of now, all our efforts are concentrated on lining us up to successfully release Solace in the first part of 2024. We’ll provide regular updates as we progress, with plenty of sneak peeks along the way. We’re looking forward to sharing all of our hard work with all of you, so stay tuned and brace yourself for a wild year of Corn!

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