Solace - Zone 1

'Life on the Farm' was the early working title for this zone


Reminiscent of a National Park of outstanding natural beauty. The landscape is made up of fertile fields and lush pastures, perfect for farming. Rolling hills, lush woodland with a warm climate and cool breeze provide a benign atmosphere.
Only 1 sector of this zone will be playable when the first version of the game is released - the other sectors will appear over time.
A Themed Zone is divided into 10 Sectors, each approximately 8km x 8km. Each Sector is further divided into 4 Districts containing player-owned and non-player owned land such as; residential houses, workshops and merchants.
There are 5 sizes of player-owned NFT land:
  • Small Land Plot - 16m x 24m (roughly the size of an NBA basketball court)
  • Medium Land Plot - 24m x 36m
  • Large Land Plot - 32m x 48m
  • Epic Land Plot - 48m x 72m
  • Copias Land Plot - 64m x 96m

How to get there

To travel to the Themed Zones from the Home Bubble, or to travel between each Dome, players can use a Flying Vehicle or Public Transport.

Once Inside

Each of the 10 Domes is similar in geography but has different layouts. Features include:
  • Fertile grass surroundings.
  • Hills and mountains.
  • Busy districts full of real life players enjoying the lively, friendly community.
  • Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) to visit and offer daily quests.
  • Town halls and notice boards that offer quests.
  • Player-owned and free roaming farm/wild animals.
  • All sizes of player-owned and upgradeable houses are curated to fit the theme of the zone, with some even available to rent at the choice of the owner.
  • Player-owned farms, ranches and merchant shops ready to trade and craft items.
  • Water areas full of delicious tradeable fish.
  • Waterfalls offering perfect meet-up places for you and your friends to hang out.
  • Dense forests providing different raw logging materials from trees.
  • Deep mines, housing all kinds of precious ore and metals.
  • Bridges, roads, walkways and paths.
  • Public transport such as trains and boats.
  • Campsites for simple overnight rests.
  • Places of Interest to discover.


The purest way to travel on land is by foot. Running from end to end in each Sector may take over 30 minutes.
To speed up travels, there are many player-owned mounts that are available to use or rent. Mounts will vary with performance specifications including; speed, acceleration, handling and load capacity.
Technology-based transport comes in a multitude of options as well, from public transport such as the COPI Cruize steam boats.

Dev Shorts

Marketing video showing the zone assets