Upcoming Mobile Game(s)

Information on the available and upcoming mobile phone game(s)
The following games are under construction.
There are currently no Cornucopias mobile or PC games available to download. Please be aware of scammers and imposters.
Why build a Mobile Game?
Cornucopias sees a great opportunity to go to market quickly in the mobile game sector with play to earn, by utilizing its existing partnership with Tingo Mobile who has over 10 million subscribers in Nigeria (verify location).
The demographic is perfect for testing our mobile game approach overall, and in a market that is very synergistic with Cardano’s mission as well.
Play-and-earn is a common phrase now in crypto, but we prefer to play-and earn — mostly because we love our games. This is our version of the great Tower Defense genre. We have added in play-to-earn, and a wallet reader in case you’re holding any Bubblejetts or Javelin NFTs. Oh, by the way, they create a score multiplier as their utility improves your ability to score.
We can’t say too much more as the game has not been released. However, we will be moving to an alpha test group before the end of the second quarter. We are currently internally testing with the team.