Gameplay - eSports Racing League

eSports - a first for the Cardano Blockchain
Currently the Cornucopias PC Game is only available to a selected few for invited Early Access testing. Please be aware of scammers and imposters that try and make you download their scam software.
The Racing League is being developed alongside the main game and is based within the Cornucopias Metaverse.
Hosted in a Mega Dome the Racing Game introduces the first eSports game to the Cardano blockchain.
Calido Valley Racecourse
It can be seen as a type of "Mini-Game" within Cornucopias with the first released version of the Racing League (the Minimal Viable Product - MVP) being based on the Esperanza Themed Zone in a place called Calido Valley.
In the future the Racing League will also have tracks in other Themed Zones.


To begin with you will get a "Taste of Solace" artwork as you enter and get to run around the Metaverse Mega Dome. There will be a number of activities to do here, even before the racing game begins.
Outside the Stadium
Then when you enter the Racing Stadium the players will have a choice or Racing Modes:
  • Practice Mode
  • PVP (Player vs Players) Mode - up to 100 players (not MVP) - MVP maybe up to 16 players
  • Other Modes to follow (not MVP)
There will be a number of Racing Tracks to choose from and these will grow over time.
Players will be racing against the clock and other players throughout the Season and their times and positions will form part of a number of Leaderboards.
Players will be able to race with FREE In-Game Flying Vehicles and also be able to race with any Cornucopias NFT vehicles they may have such as:
Throughout the Seasons there will be lots of Individual and Team based Tournaments for the player to get involved with.
Lots more gameplay information will be released soon...

Agile Development

From an Agile development point of ‌view the development of the Racing League makes a lot of sense.
A number of key elements that will be found in the Cornucopias Metaverse are being developed on a much smaller scale and can be delivered to the Public a lot earlier than the full Metaverse, these include elements such as:
  • PC Gameplay
  • Multi-player Server Hosting
  • Game Distribution / Updating
  • Web API Integration
  • NFT Integration
  • Metaverse Character Creation (not MVP)
  • Character "Locomotion" events:
    • Walking, running, climbing, idle etc.
  • Other Mini-Game elements such as fishing can be prototyped and introduced (not MVP) for public feedback
  • Player Interaction (not MVP) with:
    • Other players
    • Objects
    • NPCs
  • Environment Art such as Esperanza (MVP), Solace (not MVP) and Fortune (not MVP) Themed Zones can be seen
  • Backend Testing
  • Player Progression / Scoring
  • Public Testing